Our Story

Designed to Fit

At Doolittle, our cabinetry begins with you. How you will use them. What you love. How the cabinets will tie into your space.

Working closely with every client, we focus on defining your needs and then creating an integrated system where functionality is complemented by beautiful aesthetics. For complex projects we’ll even develop prototypes. This lets us push the boundaries of what can be done with cabinetry, and ensures exceptional quality before anything leaves our shop.

High-Quality Materials. Sustainable Designs.

Because of the time, care, and customization that goes into our cabinets, we only work with the highest quality plywood and laminates. We work almost exclusively with domestically sourced Europly panels made up of thirteen layers plus the veneers. No material is more stable, which makes it less susceptible to the expansion and contraction that can lead to warping and failed joints. In contrast, other cabinetry can be brittle and vulnerable to water damage if moisture gets into the joints.

These high-quality cabinets will last for decades. We think that’s the most sustainable way to build cabinetry: long-term thinking married to smart design choices.

Modern Design. Modern Manufacturing.

Our cabinetry is defined by a modern, clean aesthetic. We feature the exposed edges of the Europly panels, high-end, European hardware, overlay doors, and often handle cutouts in place of metal pulls. Occasional splashes of color add interest and a moment of surprise.

Using a CNC router to manufacture the cabinets lets us—and you—be creative. The machine’s precision means we are never afraid to try complicated assemblies or arrangements because we know they will be spot on, every time.

About Troy

While there’s a perception that building with sustainability in mind is a relatively new thing, for Doolittle founder Troy Doolittle the concept is downright old school.

“I grew up on my family’s farm in Iowa and by nature my father was a problem solver and a ‘maker’ as we now call them,” explains Troy. “He built many of the things we needed around the farm and didn’t always have the luxury of new materials, so he learned to be resourceful, and he learned to build things that lasted.”

And while resourcefulness can sometimes equate to a very utilitarian aesthetic, Troy says his dad’s constructs went well beyond simple pragmatism.

“The things he built always solved a problem,” says Troy. “Whether something was welded from scrap metal or created from salvaged lumber, he always managed to craft it into something that showed he cared about what he was making.”

This purposeful aesthetic was not lost on his son who studied design and worked in the advertising field as an illustrator and graphic artist before starting his own illustration firm in the late 90’s. Though successful in his field, Troy felt the pull to creating more tangible things and went all-in, combining his design acumen with a life-long woodworking passion to start Doolittle in 2014.

Today, Troy uses the principles first discovered on that Iowa farm to build sustainable, high-quality cabinets and furniture that are as loved for their utility as they are for their beauty.