D1 System and Accessories

D1 System and Accessories

Modular Pole-Mounted Cabinetry

Maximize your productivity with our D1 modular home office system. It features clean, modern design; high-quality, exposed-edge plywood; and uses a support-pole hardware system. Designed to keep your most frequently used items at arm's reach, you’ll find this system complements the way you work and where you work. And, if the way you work (or where you work) ever changes, your home office can change with it. If you’d like to know more about how we designed this system, read this article.


We have benches and tablet stands to complement any of our shelving and home office setups.

Three Ways to Buy

Ready-To-Ship: We try to keep an inventory of our most popular builds so they’re ready to go and can ship within a few days.
Made-To-Order: These are pre-determined designs with fixed sizing, limited options and made once the order is placed. Lead time is typically 4-6 weeks.
Custom: Through our custom program we can design something specifically sized to your space. Lead time is typically 8 weeks.