D1 Walnut Plywood with Black Laminate

D1 Walnut Plywood with Black Laminate

We are always looking to build systems that work hard for our customers, and this modular home office is no exception. We used walnut plywood, a premium product that gives the room a darker, classic look, and then dressed it up with a cheeky green laminate.

The two lower cabinets have hinged doors to allow a CPU to be used and hidden. This high-tech cabinet on the right has an integrated vent fan, bottom vents for air flow, and a thermostat unit to control the temperature.

Finally, because cable management was a must-have, we included grommets on the sides of all cabinets, linear cutouts with brushes towards the back of the desk unit, and even room for a power strip in the back part of the desk if it’s needed.

Client Review:

I’ve worked with Doolittle Design on a few projects and Troy’s work has been phenomenal. He made two vanities for each of our bathrooms and a custom office/gaming setup. Love his work and would definitely recommend him to anyone.