• We Search for Wood
    And get a little giddy when we find something cool.

We look far and wide to find reclaimed wood backed by great stories. We almost feel like it’s our job to rescue this wood and give it new life. After all, most of this material is old-growth and has a beauty that you just can’t buy anywhere else. So we pass along and preserve these stories by creating something worthy of its beauty.

Some of the salvaged material we have in our inventory right now is listed below. But quantities are limited so if you like something, let us know right away. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir from Transbay Terminal

In 1939 the San Francisco Transbay Terminal opened at First and Mission Streets. It was designed to handle the commuter trains that ran across the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. At its peak the terminal served 26 million passengers per year!
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Reclaimed White Oak from Wine Tanks

This beautiful reclaimed white oak was used in wine tanks by Sutter Home — one of the largest family-run independent wineries in the United States. Oak tanks like these were used when they started in 1847, they were there through prohibition (unused), and they were there when Sutter Home invented their most famous product, White Zinfandel in 1972.
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Reclaimed Redwood from Olive Tanks

This reclaimed redwood was once part of large olive soaking tanks used by the Lindsay Olive Company in Central California. They used these large tanks for softening the olives shortly after harvesting. This tight-grained, old-growth redwood has an amazing array of water stains. When coated with an oil finish, this material shows its history with beautiful dark brown and black color variations that you just can’t get from new wood.
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Reclaimed Redwood from Wine Tanks

We came across this one of a kind, beautiful, reclaimed redwood while traveling near Sonoma Valley and had to have it. These wine-soaked staves were once used by the Rodney Strong Winery in giant fourteen-foot tall wine tanks. They have a beautifully rich burgundy color from the wine and a great finished thickness of about 2.25 inches. And we love working with this material because when we run it through our planer our shop smells like wine.
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