Entryway Cabinetry | Multi-ply and White Oak

Located on the main entryway of a two-story home in San Francisco, these cabinets feature a recessed seating area for putting on and taking off shoes. The floor-to-ceiling cabinets include a handhold cutout that gives them a clean, sophisticated look while showing off the multi-ply layers that make up the cases. The show-stopper, however, has to be the recessed, white oak cubby that provides both form and function.

The cabinets angle out at 5 degrees and then taper back at the same angle to add visual interest and maximize storage space. Because of the taper, the cabinets meet the depth restrictions on either end due to the doorways.

Materials:Maple multi-ply cabinets with rift sawn white oak for the cubby and white painted doors sealed with a satin clear-coat.