We Create Modern Furniture with a Storied Past

Using reclaimed materials from unexpected origins, Doolittle Design Company crafts graceful, handmade modern furniture with a storied past. Each piece comes not only with the unique patinas of its original use, but a history that tells the story of a different era. Once in your home, our furniture starts life anew with you as the author of its next chapter.

Most of our pieces are what we call “few-of-a-kind” and they utilize reclaimed wood from a variety of unexpected origins—industrial-era warehouses, old wine tanks and deconstructed buildings, for example. When reclaimed materials aren’t suitable, we use sustainably harvested FSC-certified woods. In many cases we augment our wood designs with custom-made steel frames and hardware that we fabricate in-house.

In addition to our own designs, we frequently collaborate with other designers, architects and artisans in the San Francisco Bay Area. By applying the same attention-to-detail and handmade craftsmanship to each and every piece, we help bring their creative vision to reality.


Furniture by Troy, inspiration by his father

While there’s a perception that building things with reclaimed materials is a relatively new thing, for Doolittle Design founder Troy Doolittle the concept is downright old school.

“I grew up on my family’s turkey farm in Iowa and by nature my father was a problem solver and a ‘maker’ as we now call them,” explains Doolittle. “He built many of the things we needed around the farm but didn’t always have the luxury of new materials, so he learned to be resourceful.”

And while resourcefulness can sometimes equate to a Spartan design aesthetic, Doolittle says his dad’s constructs went well beyond simple pragmatism.

“The things he built always solved a problem, but had this effortless beauty as well,” says Doolittle. “Whether something was welded from scrap metal he found in the back of our barn or created with wood from our old lumber pile, he always managed to craft it into something with grace and elegance.”

This purposeful aesthetic was not lost on his son who studied design and worked for ad agencies as an illustrator and graphic artist before starting his own graphic design firm. Though successful in his field, Doolittle felt the pull to creating more tangible things and went all-in, combining his design acumen with a life-long woodworking passion to start Doolittle Design Company in 2013.